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Nuovo Bartpe V3.0.33 Beta

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Inviato 03 novembre 2004 - 01:07

Direttamente da un post di Bart sul forum 911CD

v3.0.33 is available for beta testing.
Download link:

A lot has changed in this release.
- Totally new GUI, no more "next, next, next, next, exit". Just start the program and hit "build" or F7.
- Totally new way of adding drivers for network and storage. Just copy the driver files to the right place and you're done. The GUI needs to be updated for this, copy the files manually for now...
- Added peloader from TheTruth, this removes the resource limits (user resources limit & 24 hour time limit) from BartPE in a legal way.

Maybe I'm going to change the version into v3.1.0 when hitting the public.
Because of the rewritten GUI this version needs a good test.
Maybe there will be several beta versions before the next "public" release.
There is still a lot of stuff that needs to be added to pebuilder but I told myself to stop coding now and release this version first.

Please read the change log below:

Changes to pebuilder.exe:
- Completely new user interface. Because of this alot has changed!
- Changed the icon.
- Changed the splash screen.
- When you start PE Builder for the first time, you must agree to the
license agreement.
- On first build the windows end-user license agreement (eula.txt) is shown.
- Added "skip building registry" and "skip building files" in the option
screen for advanced users.
- Added "Build ISO (F5)" option to the "Builder " menu to quickly rebuild
the ISO image.
- New command line options:
-auto -exit -overwrite -verbose -skipregistry -skipfiles -buildiso
See help index "Commandline options" for more info.
- PE Builder now returns the number of errors while building as the
- When pebuilder starts building it first completely erases the output
folder. This is somewhat dangerous. Imagine what would happen if a user would
select c:\windows as the output path. So pebuilder now only accepts an
output path relative to the pebuilder directory. For example if you would
enter "BartPE" as the output path and pebuilder is located in your
"c:\pebuilder" directory the full output path becomes "c:\pebuilder\BartPE"
- A few very small engine bug fixes.
- A lot of other small changes and enhancements.

New items:
- Included a new plugin "zz_peloader" that contains peloader.exe and
peshutdown.exe created by Pierre Mounir (TheTruth). PELoader is a shell loader
that removes the resource limits (user resources limit & 24 hour time limit)
from BartPE in a legal way, no need for any patches.
Thanks Pierre!!!
- New way of adding network drivers. Just create a new folder in "drivers\Net"
and drop all vendor nic driver files in that new folder and pebuilder will automatically
include those drivers.
- New way of adding storage drivers. Just create a new folder in
"drivers\SCSIAdapter" and drop storage driver files in that new folder. PE
Builder will automatically include those drivers. Please note that PE Builder
needs the drivers "txtsetup.oem" file and it ignores the *.inf driver files.
- Added a slipstream dialog that helps less advanced users to slipstream
their windows installation files. See menu "source->slipstream".

Changed items:
- plugin\ghost8, some small changes
- plugin\nu2menu, new version and some small changes to menu xml file.
- split plugin\bartpe and plugin\penetcfg into 2 separate plugins.
- updated penetcfg to v2.20
- removed plugin\nic_xxx, use the new way of adding drivers!
- removed plugin\dsk_xxx, use the new way of adding drivers!

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